Here are a sample of some of the comments that we have received from other couples that have already enjoyed their unforgettable Tropical Wedding on our island paradise.

“Dear Alicia, I just wanted to write and thank you for the efficient and individualized way in which your company organized our wedding. The day was perfect and we could not have wanted anything more – it was just perfect. Please thank Barbara and Gordon our photographer for me, they were brilliant. Many thanks."

Theresa USA - 01st March 2007

 “Hi Alicia, I wanted to let you know we really appreciated all you and Barbara did to make our wedding day so special. Both families had the most amazing time - the setting and ambiance for both the church service and reception were perfect. Chris and I both thought Steven Cumberbatch did an amazing job with our pictures - he really took charge of the situation which we both really appreciated. Indra was outstanding as well and super creative with both hair and make-up. We will definitely refer people to you guys!  All the best and thank you so much for the amazing memories."

Amber, Hong Kong - 1st June 2007

“Hi Alicia, thank you for sorting out our wedding. We had such a fantastic time, everyone totally feel in love with Barbados. We had a fabulous wedding day we just couldn’t off asked it to go any better then it did. Please can you send our thanks to all the caterers, entertainers and equipment organisers."

Emma, UK - 9th June 2007

“Hi Alicia, everything went beautifully, and we just loved the island. Everyone was so nice, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I really appreciate everything that everyone has done for us, and please thank Steve, Barbara, and the Minister. Steve was so enjoyable to work with and he had us laughing the whole time. Steve truly has a talent and I just love the pictures that he took of us. Thanks."

Renee, USA - 8th October 2007

“Alicia, may I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did organizing our wedding at such short notice. I would not have believed that such a good job could have been done at such short notice. The ceremony, car, photographer, meal arrangements etc were all superb. We would like to extend a special thanks to Barbara for all her help a very nice helpful lady. Thanks again."

Paul and Susan - 8th November 2007

“Dear Alicia, the couple sent me their feedback yesterday:They were more than happy with their wedding. Thanks so much to your whole team!"

Active Way Cruise Ship Coordinator - Stefanie - 18th April 2008

“Alicia, thank you so much for such a beautiful wedding!  We have gotten a lot of compliments about the beautiful scene and ceremony!  Thanks also for making the process so painless!  It was so nice not to have to worry about any of the logistics! Thanks!"

Melissa and Al - 12th May 2008

"Good morning, Maria and I would just like to thank you for your support and help for our special day. It would not have been the same without your help. Kind regards."

Andrew and Maria - 19th May 2008

"Hi Alicia,  I just returned home, and will like to thank you for your continuous correspondence regarding my wedding planning. Please tell Barbara her services were greatly appreciated. I will be sure to recommend you service to all my acquaintances.  I was very impressed with the precision of the entire process.  I could not have asked for a greater experience.  My wedding was beautiful!  I'm so ecstatic that I choose the gorgeous island that is Barbados for my wedding. Again, thank you and Barbara for everything."

Mrs. Black. - 22nd June 2008

"Thank you to Alicia Castilho for your special attention and efficient organisation of our wedding on 12th June 2008.  We will never forget you and will be back soon."

Everton & Dawn - 11th June 2008

"Dear Alicia, The day was perfect! You guys exceeded our expectations on so many levels."

"We would like to let anyone who is thinking about Barbados as a wedding destination to just "stop - there is no more thinking to do - the most beautiful beach you have ever seen, professional coordination of a compassionate team who thinks for you and the photographer of a lifetime [Steven Cumberbatch].  Without them, our wedding would have been just ordinary instead of the dream come true.  We did the homework, we researched the best of the best and we got more than ever imagined.  Our day did not start not well...the Port was not going to let us dock. We were delayed over two hours which was the time allotted to get us to the magistrate's office and thought the legal process and with time to retrun to the ship to dress for the wedding.   Finally when the Port allowed us to enter Barbados, the driver from Tropical Wedding Barbados, knew the short cuts and got us to the Magistrate's office in no time where Barbara, of Tropical Wedding Barbados, greeted us.  Between Alicia and Barbara's proactive coordinated efforts we were able to walk thought the process in very little time allowing us to get back to the ship and dress for the actual wedding. The only delay was me.... getting the words out thru my tears took a few extra moments."

"We want to let everyone know...this is the team you need! We hope you can feel the thanks we want to express. xoxo"

 Bill and Laura - June 9th 2009

""Hi Alicia!!! Thanks so much AGAIN for all of your help and of course for the lovely pics of our special day! A special day that may not have happened had it not been for your determination and generosity of time and spirit. You and Barbara both helped to make our wedding day the best day of our lives. Thank you for helping to create the wonderful memories that are reflected in the great pictures you took! Your character truly shows in your work.  God bless. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! Warmest Regards."

Robert and Danielle Thomas (Yay!!!) - 23rd August 2009

"Dear Alicia, we are writing to let you know what a great experience our wedding was in Barbados. The beach location was magical with the most beautiful blue waters and very secluded. The beach looked a 100 times better in person and the it looked great in the pictures to begin with!  The ceremony was perfect for us and we hope we can get a copy of the vows(it was a little winding so our video didn’t capture everything). All the extras looked great as well. You all exceeded our expectations for our wedding day and we couldn’t be happier!  Please also convey this onto the Jerry(minister), Peter(photographer), and Barbara as well!"

"Thank you for providing such a simple yet wonderful wedding planning service. We will tell any of our friends looking into a destination wedding what a great experience we had in Barbados. Regards,"

Jay - 27th April 2010