Ceremonial Rituals

Tropical Weddings, Barbados can personalize your Barbados Wedding with the following ceremonial rituals:

celebrant binding hands

Unity Candle Ceremony

The lighting of a single candle is an outward sign of the joining of your separate lives in the union of matrimony.
flowers 28

Gift of Rose

In the old language of flowers, a single red rose means "I Love You". This simple yet meaningful exchange of roses gives recognition to the gift of love that you have bestowed on each other.
sand ceremony

The Sand Ceremony

This ancient tradition highlights the coming together of two individuals to create an inseparable eternal union.
jumping the broom 2

Jumping the Broom

An African custom in which the couple crosses over the threshold into a new life.
dove release

Dove Releasing

The release of these tame doves symbolizes the love, fidelity and union of the marital union.

Please let us know in advance if there are any other special traditions that you wish to incorporate into the ceremony as these ceremonial rituals must be pre-approved by the officiant.