Flowers & Bouquets

Your wedding coordinator at Tropical Weddings can order extra tropical wedding bouquets and boutonnieres for you and your bridal party, petal baskets for your flower girl and corsages for the special women in your lives. Floral headpieces including full and half halos and hair combs are available or you may prefer the simplicity of a single orchid or a small selection of tube roses. Our florist can also provide additional floral decorations to further enhance the beauty of your ceremony venue.

Here are a few popular floral suggestions for Couples planning a Barbados Wedding:

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Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are great for wedding bouquets because of their elegance. The most common colours for calla lilies in a wedding bouquet are white, flame, yellow and burgundy.

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Tiger Lilies

Tiger lilies come in the familiar orange, yellow, dusty rose pink, burgundy, red and white. There are also oriental lilies that look like tiger lilies, with the spotted petals.

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Anthurium Lilies

The Anthurium is the most popular and long lasting of all tropical flowers in Barbados. The colors range from the pink, peach, white, orange, red, dark red, green, purple and chocolate.

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Carnations are often apart of special occasions such as weddings. Carnations express love, fascination, and distinction, though there are many variations dependent on colour.

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The all-time favourite wedding flower! Roses come in many colours. White roses mean purity and innocence, red roses mean love and passion, yellow roses mean friendship and pink roses mean happiness.

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A typical daisy will have petals around a yellow center but other species will look totally different. Daisies are a good choice because of its simplicity and vast array of colours.

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The orchid is a tropical flower and a quite famous flower in a wedding bouquet.