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Legality of You Overseas Wedding

Your Barbados wedding is legal according to the national laws of Barbados and is recognized as a valid overseas marriage, subject to meeting the specific documentation required by your country.

The Marriage Officer will provide you with your signed and witnessed marriage certificate. Another copy is retained by the Marriage Officer for his/her records and the third is submitted to the Barbados Supreme Court in order to register your wedding in Barbados.

In addition to the certificate issued by the Marriage Officer on the day of your wedding, you will require a certified copy of the marriage certificate. This certified marriage certificate will be obtained and posted to you via registered mail within 8-10 weeks after your wedding date. The fee for this service is already included in your wedding package costs. If you wish to have the certificate sent via courier, this can be arranged for an additional fee of approximately US$70.00.

For some European countries, other than the UK, an apostil is required. The Apostil Fee is US$75.00. Some other countries require that the certified copy of the marriage certificate be stamped by the Consular Representative on the island. We suggest you contact your local government registry offices and determine whether you will require an apostil or a consular stamp.