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Helpful Information About Barbados


parishes of barbados map Barbados is mainly a flat coral island about 166 sq. miles in size with white sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters.

When the Portuguese discovered Barbados in the 16th century they noticed that the bearded fig tree grew in abundance and christened the island Los Barbados which was then shortened to Barbados. The bearded fig tree is viewed as unusual because it sends aerial roots from its branches, therefore appearing as if it is bearded. While Barbados' official spoken language is English, a Bajan dialect is widely spoken by Barbados nationals.

An Eastern Caribbean island, Barbados is located within the tropics and is filled with warm days with cool winds (75-85o F) and cool, cozy nights. Each year in Barbados is normally divided into two seasons: a dry season which normally lasts from January to June and a wet or hurricane season which normally lasts from June to November. Visitors should note that wet season only entails quick showers and that a hurricane hasn’t been of major threat to Barbados since 1980.

Aside from Barbados’ wonderful and sunny climate, the atmosphere and environment that makes Barbados seem even more special and unique are its people. Barbados locals known as Barbadians or otherwise referred to as Bajans are the warmest and friendliest of souls who are always ready with a quick sincere smile. In addition, the island of Barbados itself is naturally charming and enchanting.
With so many day, night, and special annual activities in Barbados, you can never be bored on the island; Barbados has the distinction of being a well rounded tourist destination, with an array of scenic areas, shopping facilities, places of interest, historic monuments, beautiful beaches and a great nightlife. Barbados also has an array of leisure activities, such as surfing, sailing, road tennis, windsurfing, golfing, banana boat rides, horse riding, cricket, hiking, spas and beauty salons and amusement arcades. Barbados boasts a wide and diverse variety of nightlife that is designed to meet and suit everyone needs, here are some of the absolute must do night spots on the island of Barbados, the Olympus theaters, St. Lawrence Gap, Boatyard, Club Extreme, Harbour Lights, Bajan Roots and Rhythms and last but not least you must experience one of the Barbados Harbour Master cruises.

When visiting Barbados, also select one of Barbados’ exciting festivals to attend, Barbados celebrates a number of festivals throughout the year which showcases the island’s national culture and heritage.

These festivals include The Barbados Jazz Festival: this showcases several international and local artiste, The Barbados Holetown Festival: showcases a celebration of the first landing of settlers in Barbados, The Oistins Fish Festival: a celebration to honor the contributions made to the Barbados fishing community, The Holders Season: showcases opera, fine music and superb theatrical performances by international artiste, Barbados Gospelfest Festival: showcases a number of gospel artiste, Crop Over: a celebration that symbolizes the end of the crop season in Barbados and the island comes alive with sound of soca and calypso and brightly colored costumes, and last but not least the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts: showcases the best in literary, culinary, performing and visual arts in Barbados.