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Frequently Asked Questions About Barbados

Question: What side of the road do you drive on in Barbados?

Answer: Driving in Barbados, like in Britain, is on the left-hand side. In addition, if you wish to rent a car during your stay in Barbados there are a number of agencies such as ‘Drive-A-Matic’ that offer a number of car rental specials. You will also need to buy a temporary Barbadian driver’s licence that you get at any car rental agency or the Barbados Licencing Authority for a fee of $10.

Question: I would love to have a tropical wedding in Barbados. What do I need to do?

Answer: You have chosen Barbados to be your destination of choice for your wedding. Go ahead and say I do on the beautiful landscaped grounds of Farley Hill National Park, Andromeda Botanical Gardens or a poolside or seaside gazebo or even on board your private sailing yacht or catamaran in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. In having your tropical wedding there is no waiting period or minimum length of stay. The application must be made by both the bride and groom in person at the office of the Barbados Ministry of Home Affairs. You are required to take the following documents with you when applying:

  1. Valid passports OR original or certified copies of Birth Certificates.
  2. If either party was divorced then the application must be accompanied with an original Decree Absolute or a certified copy of the Final Judgment. 
  3. If either party was married and widowed then the application must be accompanied with an certified copy of the Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate in respect of the deceased spouse. If neither the bride nor the groom are citizens or residents of Barbados then there is a fee of Barbados $200.00 plus a Barbados $25.00 stamp.

Question: What documents are required when I arrive at the airport in Barbados?

Answer: On arrival in Barbados please have available for examination a passport and a valid return ticket. In addition be sure to have ready your completed customs declaration form when clearing immigrations in Barbados.

Question: Do I require a visa when visiting Barbados?

Answer: If you are not a citizen of the Caribbean Community, the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom you are expected to obtain a visa before traveling to Barbados.

Question: If yes, then how do I apply for one?

Answer: Visa applications must be completed in duplicate and accompanied by two (2) passport sized photographs. The fee for a single entry visa is Barbados $50.00 and for a multiple entry visa is Barbados $60.00 which can be obtained from any of Barbados' Missions overseas.

Question: Where can I access more information once I arrive at the airport in Barbados?

Answer: If you have any questions upon reaching Barbados, feel free to contact the visitor information booth which is located in the baggage collection hall of the Grantley Adams International Airport. There you will also find information on accommodations, attractions and much more on Barbados.

Question: On my departure from Barbados are there any fees or taxes to be paid?

Answer: All persons departing from Barbados must pay departure tax of Barbados $60 or US$30, however this is included in your ticket already.

Question: What postal services are offered in Barbados?

Answer: Barbados' postal service is one of the oldest in the world with eighteen postal counters located across Barbados. Some of the services being offered are 1) the Express Mail Service which is designed to give the customer a fast, efficient and reliable yet fully documented service, either local or international and can be purchased from any District Post Office and 2) the Barbados Philatelic Bureau has recognized the growing demand for Barbados stamps by Philatelists over the last three decades. As a result, it now publishes four to six commemorative issues yearly and a definitive issue every four to five years. Visitors to the island can take advantage of Barbados’ walk-in policy and make a visit to the Bureau a must during their holiday in Barbados.

Question: What kinds of banking and financial services are offered in Barbados?

Answer: In Barbados, Commercial Banks open Monday – Thursday 8am-3pm and Fridays 8am-5pm. Travelers' cheques, Debit and Credit cards are widely accepted across the island. Barbados has six (6) commercial banks which provide full banking services: these are the Bank of Butterfield, First Caribbean International, Caribbean Commercial Bank, the Bank of Nova Scotia, Barbados National Bank and the Royal Bank of Canada.

Question: What is the exchange rate like in Barbados?

Answer: Barbados’ official currency is the Barbadian dollar, which has maintained a fixed rate of exchange of BDS$2 to US$1, since 1975. Both currencies are accepted nationwide including most major credit cards, which can generally be used at Automatic Teller Machines across Barbados. Foreign exchange transactions are also done in EC (Eastern Caribbean) dollars, US dollars, Pounds, Canadian and Euro dollars. Visitors can also change travelers’ cheques and perform cable transfers at any bank in Barbados.

Question: What sorts of health and wellness services are offered in Barbados?

Answer: Barbados has an excellent health care system which is available for both citizens and tourists, the island has a large array of private and public facilities, the primary ones being the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Bay View Hospital. Barbados also has a number of polyclinics that are effectively decentralized and many private medical practitioners as well. Barbados also has a heavy presence of spas, pharmacies and wellness centres.

Questions: What kinds of telecommunications services are available in Barbados?

Answer: Cable and Wireless in Barbados currently provides the island with fast and reliable telecommunications service in both land line and cellular communications service, in addition Barbados also has available two other cellular communication companies - Digicel and Cingular Wireless.

Question: Does Barbados have a reliable supply of electricity?

Answer: The Barbados Light and Power Co. Ltd. provides all of Barbados with a reliable electricity supply, power outages normally tend to occur during severe bad weather and in most cases is restored quickly . Electricity is supplied at both 110 volts AC and 220 volts AC, 50 cycles in most modern buildings. However, some buildings in Barbados may not supply 220 volts AC.